IWE - POSDRU159/1.5/S/140106

IWE - POSDRU159/1.5/S/140106


The community includes the articles published in the volumes edited within the European Programme „Doctorial and post-doctorial programs for research support”. The Project Title is ”Horizon 2020 - Doctoral and Postdoctoral Studies: Promoting the National Interest through Excellence, Competitiveness and Responsibility in the Field of Romanian Fundamental and Applied Economic Research”. The community contains, at the moment, 2 subcommunities named Impact of Socioeconomic and Technological Transformations at a National, European and World Level and National Observer strategy. The first subcommunity includes 8 collections, each collection representing one volume of the 8 volumes set. In addition, each collection will have an addendum with Innovative Activities. The second subcommunity includes 2 collections.

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